Sunday, November 16, 2008

YUZHOU Class Amphibious Transport Dock in SSF

6th landing Ship Flotilla of PLA Navy South Sea Fleet

3rd Combat Support Ship Flotilla of PLA South Sea Fleet (2)

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Kunlun Mountains in the South China Sea Fleet dock landing ship coming out for the first time exercise

Daily on November 14: gallop warships at sea, the eagles circling in the air. In early November, the South China Sea Fleet ships to support the organization, landing craft, destroyers, frigates, ship-borne helicopters, for the first time in the waters near the Nansha Islands to carry out a comprehensive operational training support. The success of their organizations, "a vertical cross" on the sea supply training at the same time, the drill ship-borne helicopters taking off and landing, hovering, reconnaissance, rescue simulation, and other subjects, so that the ability to ship machines coordination has been enhanced.

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