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F-10 carrier-based aircraft? Yes 2008年11月09日 11:54 大洋网-广州日报





  能与这些空军飞行员面对面,众多观众抓住机会轮翻抛出自己关心的问题,当雷强等人回答每一个问题时都引起现场观众阵阵欢呼。第 一个观众问的是大家都非常关心的歼-10发动机问题。雷强告诉大家,昨日观众们看到的航展歼-10飞机装配的是俄罗斯RS31F发动机,而我们自己的发动 机现在正在试飞,已经装在歼-10飞机上了。从总的数据讲,我们太行发动机比俄罗斯的还好,推力比它的大了700公斤。






   许多观众都把歼-10与苏27对比。苏27的招牌表演动作是“眼镜蛇”,歼-10也能表演,而且比它有更好的操控性。雷强介绍说:“它(指苏 27)做“眼镜蛇”动作完全是靠速度来控制它的角度,速度小了,角度就小,但歼-10飞机可以由飞行员控制角度,我想让它多大,就可以飞到多大。”


People's Liberation Army Air Force to become a comprehensive exhibition of this show is a major bright spot, the first air show appearance of f-10, the new Flying Leopard fighter-the-art, and so is more dazzling star. At noon yesterday, just finished some of the air show pilots in the Air Force Air Show at the scene and zero distance to meet the audience. In response to audience questions, f-10 Leiqiang first test pilot Colonel said F-10 SU -27, Su also show signs of movements "Cobra", and performing more beautiful! f-10 have been made with the use of the engine.

More than pilot class debut

F10 Participate in the meet will be the maiden flight of the test pilot, the special-class pilot, Colonel Lei Qiang, just yesterday, driving F-10 class flight back to the ground pilot Colonel Yan Feng. In addition, the oil boom six special-class pilot, Lu Yongjun, J-8D pilot Bin Jia, seven class pilot Ding Min, 93 straight pilot HAN Jin Yu

Air Force pilots to face-to-face with these, a large number of viewers to seize the opportunity to round out their concern over the issue, when Lei Qiang and others to answer every question the audience are caused by bursts of cheers. The first asked the audience is all of great concern to f-10 engine problems. Lei Qiang tell you that yesterday the audience to see the air show F -10 aircraft assembled in Russia RS31F engine, and our own engine test now, has been installed in the F -10 aircraft. From the total data, we Taihang engine better than in Russia, its major thrust than the 700 kg.

F-10 to fully demonstrate China's own property rights

Viewers are asked to drive F-10 feeling is that what, Yan Feng, said: "As a pilot f-10 , not only the pride of our pilot ranks, but also our nation's proud aviation industry, we are the pride of Chinese people . "

Then, a loud audience and asked: Are there any F-10 carrier-based aircraft? Yan Feng said: "I believe the near future, we will soon see our aircraft."

Just do the action, the most difficult techniques, the best performance of the advanced performance of F-10 F to which it is? "

"We made this action has been taken into account when people want to demonstrate in front of the full f-10 fighter's mobility. We have just seen, the performance of several moves the short-range f-10 -off and landing capabilities, wide-angle rise Capacity, the level of mobility, the asymmetric mobility, vertical mobility, as well as a broad flight speed envelope. "

Many viewers have f -10 su-27 and Su-contrast. Su-27 show signs of the action is "Cobra",f -10 can be performed, but it is better than manipulative. Lei Qiang said: "It (referring to the Soviet Union 27)" Cobra "entirely depends on the speed of action to control its point of view, the speed of a small, the point of view on the small, but the F -10 aircraft can be controlled by the pilot point of view, I want it How can fly much. "

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