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China 5th Generation Fighter XXJ J-16 PIc????

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Prospect of a Chinese fighter plane development

<3>: f-16 -medium-sized fourth-generation supersonic fighter planes take off and land vertically short-range: from f-16 -611 research and development. Development of the plane from Russia's Jacques -141 aircraft. Use of stealth aircraft design, with transonic, supersonic cruise capacity. Can be on multiple targets simultaneously over-the-horizon attacks, the enforceability of the sea and空等a variety of tasks, the main cruise engine aircraft for a WS-17, the plane will be mainly naval air force equipment, used equipment Navy amphibious Gong Jijian in the plan or at Nansha, Xisha Islands airport, I support Marine Corps operations.

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Prospect of a Chinese fighter plane development

news.dayoo.com 2005年07月08日17:51 Source: China Network

China Flying Leopard

1: improving the generation of production

China is now the main production / improve the generation of combat aircraft: the F----8 B / C / D / F / H, F-11, F--11 B; fly the F-10% -7 G, F-10, F-- 10 combatants / Trainer; West fly the F-H--7, the F-H--7 A, such as the new Hong -6. Among them, F--8 B / C / D / F / H by China's self-developed integrated fire control system, and equipped with the Institute of China in the new WP-13B / F engine, which had F-16A / B and Mirage-2000 -5 To match the strength of the Air Force recently I was more mature and practical fighter, the F--11 B is the introduction of China's Su-27 production technology on the basis of innovation and development of the national production of the F--11. The aircraft in the SU-27CK aircraft on the basis of maintaining the original layout and function of the overall system performance the same, but the engine installed domestic WS-10 engine, fire control radar installed a 1474 domestic-type radar, and can be linked to increases in domestic PL-12 missile and other weapons. F-11 B and Su -27 CK compared to the weight of the aircraft, flight performance, body life, and so is essentially the same, the development of this aircraft, mainly to annihilate the middle of -11 to raise my arms Air Force Operational Readiness rates and reduce the dependence on Russia. The aircraft was on December 6, 2003 maiden flight in 2005 stereotypes operation. Shenyang 601 also intend to annihilate -11 B on the basis of further improving the development of the F--11 multi-purpose type, the F-model estimate is -11 C. Flying the F-10% -7 G is the F--7 E further improved, mainly to improve fire control system, equipped with a helmet sights, fighting at close range, on a higher level, to equip our troops in 2004; -10 F-2004 In August to equip our troops. Development of the aircraft after 20 years, performance and F-16C / D is one of my Air Force in 2020 before the main battle fighter. The aircraft with a WS-10 engine and equipped with fire control radar-1473. The aircraft's fire control system is China's self-developed advanced integrated fire control system. The aircraft is the further development of the two-seat F-fighting -10 / trainer, was the maiden flight in December 2003; West fly the F-H--7 A is now equipped forces, and precision strike capability over the Soviet Union - 30MKK2, the Two fully-equipped with the localization of WS-9; has been further improved in the planning, namely the F-H--7 B. -7 B F-H-tied by two-seat cockpit and to install navigation / bombing system, the computer running weapons to attack radar, terrain tracking radar and radar altimeter, will be developed into a new medium-range supersonic strategic bomber; new H - -6 Is now in production, with its combat effectiveness has been Russia's plans -95 and -26 map "goes against the fire" almost, I become the Air Force recently backbone of strategic offensive forces.

2: Development of generation

China is currently developing generation of combat aircraft is the F--13 stealth fighter. -13 F in the "9th Five-Year" Development project started late. State upfront investment of more than 80 million, from 611 organizations developed, the following is the F--10, another major national organizations developed special projects. Stealth aircraft using a variety of materials and technology to the direction of head-on radar cross-sectional area (RCS) reduced to 0.5 m 2, its enemy radar detection range will be halved. From the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of electromagnetic theory and application of research to organize a scientific team to -13 F in the inlet and engine compressor blade surface spray on a layer of ferromagnetic radar absorbing materials. One of the thickness of 0. 7 MM and 1. 4 MM coating material for the inlet; a 0. 5 MM of coating material used for pre-level low pressure compressor blades. These measures will enable the F-13 inlet to reduce radar reflection 10-15 DB; To Stealth, the F--13 also covered the cockpit has improved, the development staff have developed a plasma deposition process, the plasma deposition to Metal and polymer materials in the dissection. The wave shield in the cockpit, at the same time not affect the sunlight to enter. -13 Annihilation of the power plant is a 624-developed WS-10A engine, the biggest thrust to 14,000 kilograms, pushing quality than the nearly 9, the engine of the series for seven and a vector axisymmetric nozzle. The engine of the core test was completed in 2004, the F--13 demonstration prototype was started in 2004 to fly into the General Armament Department, 2008-2010, is expected to serve. It will use more advanced integrated avionics systems, fire control radar for 1475 Active Phased array radar, is China's fourth-generation fighter is a feature of the quasi-four generations of medium-sized fighters. My standard is a fourth-generation fighter aircraft, F-22 to F-35 and the threat of weapons.

3: The generation of pre-inquest

Since the 1990s, the world's military hegemony in the country and the fourth-generation fighter-bombers, such as the F-22, F-35, B-2, and so on. One fourth-generation fighters have the following characteristics: ① supersonic flight, the largest flight speed greater than (or equal to) 1.8 M, ② supersonic cruise: that is, not open Afterburner can fly more than 1.5 M, ③ minimum-altitude high-speed sprint, ④ off Stall mobility, ⑤ long hours at low altitude blank, ⑥ blank high-altitude long time, ⑦ major combat radius, ⑧ short-range vertical take off and land, ⑨ stealth, and so on, these characteristics, a fourth-generation fighter is not possible to have both, plus Fighters on the cost of growing, which requires different tactics need to have a choice to use some new technologies, so that the different aircraft for different combat skills requirements in order to find the best benefit-cost ratio of the equipment system. For example, with aircraft development costs, a fourth-generation fighter aircraft heavy use of costly equipment can not be universal, must complement the development with a relatively low-grade medium-sized fourth-generation fighters, to form with the high-end equipment System. This is now the United States and Russia, and other major countries of the equipment used by the Air Force system. In China, because the level of economic development is also limited, as the United States as it is impossible to come up with large amounts of funds, fully equipped for heavy and medium-sized fourth-generation fighters, but our air defense operations, but it also needs large number of fighter planes, making China's Air Force and Air According to China's industrial sector-specific national conditions and the military with Chinese characteristics by the equipment system: the Air Force fighter on the points system with high, medium and low with third gear; ground attack aircraft by far, in the near-attack planes, fighter-bombers and Strategic bombers with third gear. In the fourth-generation fighter development, I aviation industry sector according to the Air Force's equipment system, after a long-term pre-research, the forthcoming project, focusing on research and development following fighters: F--14 heavy fighter, the F--15 medium-sized fighter, the F-medium -16 Seattle vertical / short-range fighter planes taking off and landing, the F--17 light multi-purpose fighter, the F-H--8 fighter-bombers, strategic bombers and bombers -9, strong -7 stealth attack planes.

<1>: F-14 -heavy fourth-generation fighter aircraft: the F--14 from 601 research and development, adopted by the two 624-developed YWH-30-27-derived core of the development of the engine thrust WS-17, pushing quality than 10 , The largest engine thrust 17,500 kg, a vector axisymmetric nozzle, aircraft appearance as a YF-23, stealth aircraft has better performance, RCS is 0.15 m 2, has excellent Asia, the Sonics aerodynamic performance, Can not open a long time to Afterburner supersonic cruise and good subsonic and supersonic motor; far greater, in the short-range air combat capability, carrying advanced to the attacks against multiple targets after launch whether the air-to Long-distance air missile, the anti-drive off-axis launch angle of the disturbing close grapple missiles, high power-to-ground precision-guided weapons, and so have high-performance integrated avionics systems, integration of information within and outside the plane, with the most concise Forms available to the pilot states pose information, give full play to the role of pilots and intelligence support to achieve flight.

<2>: F-15 -medium-sized fourth-generation fighter aircraft: the F--15 from 601 research and development, adopted by the two 624-developed YWH-20-13-derived core of the development of high-Thrust-Weight than medium-sized engine WS-15, Thrust-Weight Ratio 10, a single thrust 9,500 kg.

<3>:F -16 -medium-sized fourth-generation supersonic fighter planes take off and land vertically short-range: from -16 F-611 research and development. Development of the plane from Russia's Jacques -141 aircraft. Use of stealth aircraft design, with transonic, supersonic cruise capacity. Can be on multiple targets simultaneously over-the-horizon attacks, the enforceability of the sea and空等a variety of tasks, the main cruise engine aircraft for a WS-17, the plane will be mainly naval air force equipment, used equipment Navy amphibious Gong Jijian in the plan or at Nansha, Xisha Islands airport, I support Marine Corps operations.

<4> F-17 -light fourth-generation multi-purpose fighter aircraft: The aircraft is equipped with two sets of WS-14 light engine, is my air, and naval equipment will be a large number of low-grade fourth-generation fighter aircraft.

<5>- -7 stealth attack plane: strong -7 is China's upcoming project developed a new generation of close support attack aircraft, using stealth design, equipment from a 624-developed YWH-30-27 core of the development of derivatives Xiao Han, than non-augmented turbofan engines WS-18, the biggest thrust 10000-11000 kilograms, have a certain supersonic cruise capacity. The aircraft will gradually replace our strong -5.

<6> F-H--8 fighter-bomber: F-H-UTF-8 is China will develop a new generation of fighter-bombers. It developed a reference to the Russian Su -34, is in China's Jian-10 - 11 on the basis of innovation and development of its own. But the aircraft and Su--34 difference is that the use of stealth design. The aircraft maximum range 7,000 km, the engine is used by two 624-developed YWH-25-17-derived core of the development of a larger push than 9 thrust engine WS-16, the largest single thrust 14,000 kg, containing shells It amounted to more than 10 tons.

<7> Hong -9 strategic bombers: H-9 in 95 pre-research project started. No air refueling aircraft in the circumstances, can range over 8,000 kilometers, air refueling in flight over 12,000 kilometers. The aircraft cruising speed up to 2 M, penetration speed of more than 4 M, Zaidan Liang 20 tons -40 tons. The stealth aircraft is also available in better performance. The engine is four by 624 developed YWH-30-27-derived core of the development of thrust, pushing the engine than the 10 level WS-19, the largest thrust to 18,700 kg.

F -14, F--15, F-16, F--17, strong -7, the F-H-8, H--9 will be completed in 2020 developed and equipped forces, the Air Force I and equipment reach the world's advanced level.

4: to explore generation

2005, the United States fourth-generation F/A-22 fighter service, making the world jet fighters entered the fourth generation. At the same time, the United States, Russia and other countries have begun to pre-research-track with little room for the combat capability of the characteristics of the atmosphere 4 S cruise fifth-generation fighter aircraft. Air China's industrial sector to face grim situation, "passion ahead, beyond-in" the spirit to the spirit of pragmatism, according to the actual level of China's aviation industry, beginning in 2000 after a fifth-generation fighter aircraft near the level of four generations of fighter aircraft after the Pre-research and exploration, with a view through four generations of fighter aircraft after the pre-research and development, for further development after the fifth-generation fighters to lay a solid foundation.

China's fourth generation of fighter planes will be after more information, intelligence, integrated generation of fighters. They are both a combat carrier, is also an information carrier. At the same time, they're an information contact. On the one hand, they can find themselves targets of the enemy reached the real-time network for the entire system to provide effective against the decision-making based on the other hand can also access the Internet, any information they need to maximize the playing its due Combat effectiveness. After China's fourth generation fighter, both in the traditional sense of air, take the conventional air combat missions and the implementation of the operations, and can cruise at the edge of the atmosphere, on selected targets, a precision strike. They supersonic cruise speed of 2. 0 M-2. 5 M, and the engine is started in China in 2000 to implement the plan developed by ATEKT than 12-15 pushing the engine, according to the literature, is likely to be pushed than 15 engine . They pre-research models are the F--18, F--19, -20 F, F--21. Among them, F-40 and -18 are after heavy fighters, from the pre-research programme, will use stealth better performance with the end of the layout, shape a bit like the United States Xiamaguan the A-12, F-40 and -19 for the following medium-fighters, the F - -20 For four generations after the supersonic medium-sized vertical / short-range fighter planes taking off and landing, the F--21 empty, the Navy General after four generations of light fighters, they will be served in 2030-2035, prior to the 2050 Development of China's Fifth Generation Lay the foundation for the fighter.

As for the ground attack plane, supersonic track is currently exploring strategic bombers. So far this regard long-term planning and 863-2 included in the plan, after 20-30 years of development, it is estimated that in 2035 about the successful development and to equip our troops. Fighter-bombers, F-H--8 from the start will be taken from the heavy fighter modified on the basis of the development of methods, the development of new fighter-bomber. For example, to -14 F-F-H-based R & D -14, and -18 to annihilate the basis for the development of the F-bombers, such as -18, so that cost-effective, tactical bombing that I can get the new machines, and continually enhance China's Air strike capability. U.S. FB-22 plans and Russia's SU-34 that the development of the future fighter-bomber approach to development direction.

Through these "four generations," continued, the development by leaps and bounds, I will air combat equipment into multi-generation co-exist, high, middle and end of file with the situation so that I air forces in the country and world hegemony strong dialogue , To "excellent system to gifted."


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