Monday, November 17, 2008

South Sea Fleet Order of Battle

Submarine Forces
Type 093 2 Nuclear-Powered Submarines
19 Diesel-Electric Submarines
2nd (Nuclear) Submarine Base
32nd Submarine Flotilla

72nd Submarine Flotilla

Surface Forces
17 Frigates
2nd Destroyer Flotilla

9th Destroyer Flotilla

6th Landing Ship Flotilla

3rd Combat Support Vessel Flotilla

Littoral Forces
11th Fast Attack Craft Flotilla
26th Fast Attack Craft Flotilla

Naval Aviation
8th Naval Air Division

9th Naval Air Division

7th Independent Air Regiment

Coastal Defence Forces
2nd Observation Brigade
3rd Radar Brigade
46th Shore-to-Ship Missile Battalion

Marine Corps
1st Marine Brigade
164th Marine Brigade

Office of Naval Intelligence China's Navy 2007

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