Monday, November 2, 2009

Yun-8 C-type

Yun-8 C-type machine kicked off the training ground modification

October 27, 2009

In recent days, a period of 52 days of the Air Force transport plane C-8 modified the training ground officially kicked off.

Modifications to participate in the training ground troops are shipped eight new aircraft users, trainees mostly new recruits, training, how effective will have a direct bearing on the delivery of the unit to maintain the effectiveness of the use. Therefore, the higher authorities and corporate leaders attach great importance to the training, has organized a special meeting to study the deployment of related matters. Marketing for the new students are more weak technological base, a larger aircraft technical status changes, etc., to formulate a scientific plan, revised teaching materials, carefully selected trainers, conducted a well-prepared and well arranged.

The training hours of theoretical training, aircraft and crew with a teaching internship in three stages.




  参加地勤改装培训的部队是运八飞机的新用户,参训人员大部分为新学员,培训效果如何将直接影响飞机交付部队后的使用维护效能。因此,上级机关和公司领 导对此次培训十分重视,多次组织召开专题会议,研究部署相关事宜。市场部针对新学员较多、技术基础薄弱、飞机技术状态更改较大等情况,制定科学计划,重新 修订教材,精心挑选教员,进行了充分准备和周密安排。


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