Tuesday, November 3, 2009

LPD threat

Amphibious landing ship

  The "Kunlunshan" ship with a hull number of 998 is an amphibious dock landing ship. With a total length of 210 m, a maximal width of 28 m and a normal displacement of 18,500 tons, it is the surface combat ship with the biggest tonnage in China at present. The service of this ship symbolizes the great enhancement of the PLA Navy in projecting amphibious combat strength to the medium and long distance sea areas. Hundreds of marines from the marine corps of the PLA Navy will board on this ship in this maritime parade.

Missile speedboat

The new-type missile speedboat

  A new-type missile speedboat that is equipped with advanced missile and anti-electromagnetic interference system has evoked the extensive concerns of domestic and foreign military experts since its début in 2004. Although small in size, it is characterized in fast speed, strong firepower and excellent stealth capability. It has become a trump card in resisting against the enemy's threat in coastal waters.

Submarine formation

The new-type home-made submarine

  Chinese nuclear submarine will be a highlight in the maritime parade. A new-type home-made submarine formation will be on display besides the nuclear submarine in this parade. Relevant military experts said that the underwater noise of the new-type submarine was greatly reduced for the adoption of a multiple of advanced designs.

Surface ships

The "Lanzhou" missile destroyer

  Among the new generation of home-made destroyers attending the maritime parade, the "Lanzhou" missile destroyer with a hull number of 170 is the latest one in China. The construction of the destroyer started at the Shanghai Jiangnan Shipyard in August 2001. It was launched in April 2003, left the shipyard in August 2005 and enlisted in the array of the PLA Navy formally in September 2005.

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