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Heavy-lift helicopters: Z-10 ??? or Z-14???

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Heavy-lift helicopters: the next battlefield aerial "Hercules"
China's military network Published: 2009-05-11 09:47:44

Loaded with tanks

Air hovering

Hoisting bulldozers
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May 12, 2009, the first anniversary of earthquake in Wenchuan. Learn from its mistakes, recalled a year ago Wenchuan earthquake relief operation, I believe that many people clearly remember such a tense scene: Tang Shan barrier lake water in an emergency, and temporary loan from Russia two meters -26 heavy helicopter significant skill at the time of distress , lifting bulldozers, excavators, forklifts and other equipment more than 60 large dams that, in order to eliminate the barrier lake crisis Tangjiahe Hill made a contribution. For a time, heavy-lift helicopters -26 meters become the eyes of the "stars" of equipment, won the "giant" world.

A year later, heavy-lift helicopters has become the focus of attention again. Not long ago, the Russian News Agency said: China and Russia are to discuss matters relating to the joint development of heavy-lift helicopters. To this end, the reporter to connect the first time researcher at the Institute of the General Staff Zhang and the army, people's attention on the hot topics of heavy-lift helicopters to carry out an all-round reading.

Dialogue of experts: and Zhang, a researcher at the Institute of the General Staff Headquarters army, lieutenant colonel, the Chinese member of popular science writers, popular science writer, a member of the military defense, Army Aviation has long been engaged in the protection of field equipment and tactical and technical research, with a "combat use of Army Aviation Study "," the helicopter in modern warfare "and" Vertical Limit - Contemporary纵谈military helicopters "and other monographs.

Q: Wenchuan earthquake in the dawn of the first anniversary, it will look once again into the heavy-lift helicopters -26 meters. Can you briefly explain to readers the definition of heavy-lift helicopters it?

A: At present, the helicopter in accordance with the standards of our national military usually divided into: Small, light, medium, large and heavy-duty 5 types. Maximum take-off weight of a small helicopter in the following two tons, a maximum takeoff weight of light helicopters in the 2-4 tons maximum take-off weight of medium-sized helicopter in the 4-10 tons maximum take-off weight of large helicopters in the 10-20 tons, the largest heavy-lift helicopters to take off more than 20 tons of weight.

Refers to the so-called heavy-lift helicopters to take off weight of more than 20 tons of helicopter. Because the helicopter is mainly used for heavy transport, has also been said that heavy transport helicopters. A typical heavy transport helicopter was -26 meters in Russia, it is the heavy transport helicopter in the "Big Brother."

Q: as a heavy-lift helicopters in the "Big Brother", -26 m in the end how much "effort"?

A: -26 meters in the former Soviet Union Design Bureau Miri heavy transport helicopter developed by NATO to its nickname called "halo", which is the world's largest transport helicopter load.

At present, the -26 m apart from the helicopter in service in Russia, the CIS is also used in other countries. Malaysia, Peru, South Korea, India and other countries to order the -26 meters, the aircraft has also been chosen the United Nations peacekeeping force.

-26 Meters is a monster, and its captain 40.03 meters, 8.15 meters height, tail rotor diameter 7.61 meters, composed by the eight blades. Design in the world single-rotor helicopter, its rotor blades is the largest. We know that the helicopter lift from the blades have a high-speed rotation, which is that it can "force out million already," one of the key device.

-26 M in the cargo hold at the rear of the fuselage, can be loaded with more than 20 tons of the total weight of the tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, self-propelled howitzers, armored reconnaissance vehicle, such as baggage; can accommodate 80 fully armed soldiers, 60 stretchers and placed 3 health care workers, which is equivalent to the famous C-130 "Hercules" transport plane load capacity of the air is worthy of the name "Hercules."

Q: -26 m so "divine power", its also extremely strong momentum, right?

A: this is the case. It is equipped with 2 Turboshaft each Turboshaft 8500 kilowatts of power, which is equivalent to the general power万吨轮host vessel, we can see the power of the strong. At present, the world has such a strong country Aeroengine only Russian.

Engine power as a result of -26 m, and take-off weight, and has created a world record number of flights. February 3, 1982, a wave in the Soviet Union莫斯科夫纳airports, -26 m鲁巴夫by the driver,特洛夫, Al non-Do not Love and karaoke plus, respectively, driving, flying 10 tons of load to 6500 meters high , to fly 15 tons of load to 5600 meters high, 20 tons of load to fly to more than 4.6 thousand meters high, 25 tons of load to fly to more than 4.1 thousand meters high, have created the helicopter to climb a high load of world records. Especially non-pilots Al Love driving -26 m to 2,000 m high altitude climbing, the load as high as more than 50 tons, far exceeding the design of the aircraft maximum take-off weight.

Q: Apart from -26 meters, the world heavy-lift helicopters what family members?

A: At present, the heavy-lift helicopters are not the family, the world produced a total of more than 2000 aircraft, including CH-47 "Chinook" helicopter production of the largest number of more than 1000. As of now, m -26 heavy helicopters, only the production of 300.

The number from the equipment point of view, the world is equipped with the largest number of light helicopters, followed by medium-sized helicopters, heavy-lift helicopters in the helicopter at least a member of the family. But it is a great unique role in the transport helicopters play an important role in, the family is the backbone of transport helicopters.

Today, development and production of heavy-duty transport helicopter is primarily the United States and Russia, and its model is: CH-47 "Chinook", CH-53 "Sea Stallion", V-22 "Osprey", m -6 "hook" -10 m "Huck" and so on.

Q: heavy-lift helicopters in the wars and in non-military areas which play a major role?

A: The heavy-lift helicopters has good flight performance and enormous capacity, in a wide range of military applications. Modern battlefield, it is not only used for the transport of all types of military equipment, weapons and ammunition, carrying various types of tanks, armored, transport of medium-range missiles, anti-chemical air disinfection units, emergency strategies, such as airborne and air-landing; also be used in hospital operations and operating room, emergency ambulance to the wounded; also used electronic jamming, electronic countermeasures, such as for.

The Gulf War, the U.S. 101st air assault division deployed 40 CH-47 "Chinook" heavy helicopters and 60 UH-60 "Black Hawk" transport helicopter, a code-named "Cobra" of the motor action, quickly 2 mobile operators and a large number of weapons and ammunition and carrying supplies to Iraq 80 kilometers in depth, and opened up a surface area of 150 square kilometers of forward operating base, cut off hundreds of thousands of Iraqi troops south of the escape route.

Second Chechen War, mobilized m -26 heavy helicopters frequently, often on the battlefield so low over the flight, the night also voted to send troops, equipment transportation and protection. From September 23, 1999 to March 31, 2000, -26 m on the helicopter flight reached an average of 6 hours, for a large number of Russian military operations, equipment, and materials delivery, quick drive down a great deal of strength. In the rescue helicopter made an emergency landing, the meter is -26 Shenwei Daxian, will not be able to repair in situ of the helicopter hanging up quickly by air to the rear-area support bases repair, damage to the helicopter so that greatly shorten repair time.

Similarly, heavy-lift helicopters, as in non-military areas play a decisive role, to be completed by lifting a large object, forest fire prevention, pipeline and lifted the erection, installation of transmission lines, medical first aid, humanitarian relief, refugee evacuation missions. In the face of major natural disasters, heavy-lift helicopters are doing so well.

The Soviet Union in 1986 the Chernobyl nuclear accident, -26 m on the sides of heavy helicopters. At that time, the Soviet Union dispatched more than -26 m heavy-lift helicopters from the air delivery of the boron dilution of the radioactive dust will be the overall nuclear power plant canopy.

December 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami disaster, countries involved in disaster relief for 77 military helicopters, there are nine weight of 20 tons maximum take-off of the CH-47 "Chinook" helicopters, 4 maximum take-off weight of 30 tons of the MH-53 " Dragon "heavy-lift helicopters.

In the United States in August 2005 in New Orleans "Katrina" hurricane disaster, the U.S. military dispatched 372 helicopters involved in relief, including a large number of CH-47 "Chinook" heavy-duty helicopters, the flight just a week, thousands of sorties, dropping tens of thousands of relief supplies, rescued more than 30,000.

Q: will the next generation heavy-lift helicopters, what direction?

Answer: From the development trend, a number of military power in the world pay more attention to the speed of transport helicopters and effective load. Related technologies in order to break through the bottleneck, the world aviation experts brains.

At present the world is a more mature heavy rotary-wing aircraft the United States, which both helicopter and fixed-wing aircraft of the advantages of technology is considered a revolutionary change in the helicopter. The United States has a joint heavy rotary-wing aircraft after 2020 as one of the priorities of the three major equipment.

According to foreign reports, Russia plans to invite, including China, multinational cooperation in the development and production of m -46 heavy transport helicopters.

The EU shares the view that the heavy-lift helicopters are the core of the new rapid-response component. May 2004, the European helicopter companies have begun research on heavy-duty helicopter program, known as "heavy-duty transport helicopter" (HTH), plans to launch in 2020. Not long ago, France and Germany announced the joint development of a new generation of heavy transport helicopters, 4-5 years is expected to fill the U.S. CH-53 or the European NH-90 and A-400M military transport plane of the blank between.

Q: At present, China's heavy-lift helicopters to the development of a step which the development of several technology related?

A: Since the founding of new China, with the rapid development of aviation technology, China's helicopter industry has made brilliant achievements, has reached the top level of the developing countries. However, compared with developed countries in the world, we are still technically in a number of key there is a clear gap.

Development of the development of heavy transport helicopter, it is necessary to break through several technical clearance following: First, advanced technology rotor systems, helicopter rotor is a key component as well as helicopters, "force pulling million jin" key. At present, China must first master the advanced technology of the rotor system, designed and manufactured in their own achieve a breakthrough; II is an advanced engine and transmission technology, the current engine and transmission in China is relatively backward technology, the core component of the needs of independent innovation; Third, advanced the overall technology, we are now in the overall layout of the helicopter, and optimize the design, considering aerodynamic, reliability, comfort, etc., with the world advanced level is not small; IV is an advanced process technology, the current configuration in the new China , new materials, new technology and industrial technology, such as vibration noise to be further improved.

At present, we should seize the United States, Russia and the European plans to develop a new generation of heavy-duty helicopters, the opportunity to do a good job in the top-level planning, the full argument - is the introduction of foreign existing models, or with foreign countries to jointly develop a new generation of heavy-duty transport helicopter, or on its own independent research, to find out the direction for the best solution to China's national conditions and technical routes.

Load as the world's largest helicopter, -26 m maximum load of 20 tons, which is equivalent to the famous C-130 "Hercules" transport aircraft load capacity.

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