Monday, January 5, 2009

China or the introduction of Yak -141 VTOL aircraft equipped with an aircraft carrier (Figure) ???

Type 081 LHD
Chinese sources at IMDEX confirmed that China is developing a new amphibious assault ship, a Landing Helicopter Dock, or “LHD.” However, when such ships may be built is not known. This ship had previously been identified as the Type 081, described by Asian sources as displacing about 20,000 tons. While Chinese officials as IMDEX would not disclose details about the Type 081, they did note that “we have the capability right now to build that ship.” There is no information that China is now building the Type 081, though a report in Force magazine has noted that China intends to build six of the 20,000 ton Type 071 LPD—the first of which was launched in December 2006—and then three of the Type 081 LHD. Asian sources speculate that the PLA will build two to as many as eight Type 071s. The Type 071 is designed to carry a reinforced battalion of troops, or about 500 to 800 troops and 50 or so vehicles. While the Type 071 is intended to carry four to six Z-9 size helicopters, the flat-deck Type 081 will carry more. It is likely that the Type 081 may carry 500 or so troops plus equipment but may devote more space to helicopter hanger deck. The PLA is known to have been seeking foreign LHD design data since the late 1990s though little is known of the ultimate configuration intended for the Type 081.

Asian sources estimate that China’s eventual intention is to build up a force that approximates a U.S. Marine Expeditionary Force. The Marine MEF also included air and logistics units, which may follow if the PLAN builds carrier air groups. Asian sources note that work is progressing on the refurbishment of the Ex-Russian/Ukrainian carrier Varyag, with recent attention being paid to its aircraft arresting wire system. These sources note the Varyag may be completed by 2012. If production estimates prove correct, then it may be China’s ambition to build an amphibious projection force of three battalions, each consisting of one Type 081 LHD and two Type 071 LPDs. The Type 081 would add the flexibility of being able to employ a larger number of helicopters for transport and attack missions to support an amphibious assault. Such a ship might also be embarked with anti-submarine warfare (ASW) helicopters to assist fleet escort.

环球时报驻香港特约记者李洁报道 1月1日,香港《东方日报》司马成文章称,在去年十月中俄总理会晤及两国工商界峰会期间,曾洽谈过雅克-141型战机在中国组装生产的问题。




  文 章称,雅克141计划始于1975年,1989年首飞,两年后一架原型机坠毁,计划停止。雅克-141所用R-79涡扇发动机加力推力为15.5吨,飞机 最大起飞重量为19.5吨,最大平飞速度达1.7马赫,爬升率也不逊于常规起降战斗机,雅克-141性能远超英国的“鹞”式垂直起降战斗机。但在1992 年范保罗航展上西方专家指出,雅克-141与常规起降的舰载机相比,使用垂直起降的方式作战将付出损失载弹量和航程的代价。


   文章称,前苏联研制的雅克-141及雅克-38垂直起降战斗机,是为了装备前苏联没有弹射器的航母而设计,而美国由于拥有大批重型航母,AV-8这种非 常规起降战斗机只用在两栖攻击舰上,担任近距支援任务。文章认为中国短期内不会建造类似美国的常规起降型的重型航母,雅克-141可以作为过渡型舰载机, 与苏-33和歼-10改作高低档搭配,在陆上,雅克-141也可以填补其他先进的常规起降战机与直升机之间的火力空间。文章还说,引进雅克-141的关键 问题是,不但要控制价格,还要获得飞机的生产许可证。



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