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Reporter: We know that 6-7 is a straight -15-ton medium-sized helicopter, I would like to ask the General Yang, the tonnage of the helicopters are mainly used for what?

General Yang: China and Western countries such as France, Germany, Britain and the United States helicopters from the general scope of the tonnage of 1.5 tons to 15 tons, the Russian helicopter to a greater range of tonnage, there are 20 tons 30 tons. For economic reasons, we Europe and the United States and the major development is 1.5-15 tons of helicopters. 6-ton helicopter belonging to medium-sized helicopter, which is characterized by high universality, the use of a wide range. -15 Straight on, it's very appropriate number of passengers, the economy is good, medium, can be used for transportation, hanging outside, the inspection of electricity, tourism, aerial photography, forest fire prevention and inspection, search and rescue, As well as Sichuan earthquake emergency rescue of the wounded this regard. France and China previously did not have the tonnage helicopters, the reason why we developed the tonnage has helicopter is to take into account a wide range of uses it. Eurocopter helicopters for the first time in the United States show up on this model, received 111 orders, and then one after another to obtain a dozen or so orders, the Chinese side that we currently have ten aircraft orders intention.

Reporter: From the look and cockpit configuration, direct -15 really is a more level plane.

Yang total: right, straight on the level of -15 was, first of all, it is reflected in the latest in accordance with the airworthiness standards development, which meet the latest safety standards for airworthiness, followed by the economy from the point of view, its fuel consumption, Maintenance and customer support training, Helicopter currently has a representative of the most advanced level.

Reporter: -15 straight and the development of our country before the helicopter straight -9 such as the largest difference in wherever? What are the characteristics of performance?

Yang total: Direct -9 is at the end of the 1970s produced a helicopter, even though it is also a master of civil aircraft, but when the design requirements for airworthiness standards of the last century, from the security aspect is certainly not in accordance with The latest airworthiness standards to create the -15 straight. The civil aircraft is important is durable and easy to use, in this regard, we direct -15 represents the latest design standards.

Reporter: What do you think of our helicopters is how the level of R & D? -15 Straight and the helicopter before it compared to a big step forward?

General Yang: Now we have completely made of helicopters, such as direct -9 and -11 straight, but durable and easy to use foreign products than there are gaps, foreign helicopters could expect to live to 20,000 hours, made only 5 of the -6000 Hours, and we are also after-sales service and the international advanced level there are gaps, after all, widespread use of helicopter developed a number of years.

But the years of China's helicopter industry in the digestion and absorption of foreign technology has made great progress in independent innovation is the next step in this direction we have gone through a period of distance, but in comparison the core technologies such as power and transmission with advanced international There is still gap between the levels. In a number of factors under the influence of the domestic market or the helicopter was not so good, it is also understandable, as car buying, customers not only to consider the performance, and security and economy, as well as after-sales service. But as the latest products, -15 straight in the economy than before, and so a great improvement, and complete the world, our design requirements and design goals are entirely in accordance with the needs of users to develop, we believe that it's definitely better than the market prospects Before the helicopter made better.

Reporter: -15 straight after we also develop more large-scale helicopter?

Yang total: there is such a plan, straight after -15 in the development of more than 10-ton helicopter.

Reporter: If I remember correctly, this is also a straight 8 tonnage?

Yes, but straight 8 of the last century is the era of 5,60 technology, after all the old models. At present we are carrying out demonstration projects, it may have been approved in 2012 will be.

Reporter: -26 meters similar to the kind of super-heavy helicopters, we have a development plan? Large helicopters and small and medium-sized helicopters have research and development is no different?

General Yang: We have this idea, in fact, the design of ultra-small and medium-sized helicopters and heavy-duty helicopter little difference, the main difference is reflected in the manufacturing stage.

Reporter: This year's Wenchuan earthquake, we can see that China's helicopter market, the gap is still very great through this time, the state of the helicopter's position more seriously, does this mean that China's helicopter industry will enter a stage of rapid development?

General Yang: In the past, we use the helicopter is not very well, as a result of this earthquake we know that the helicopter aircraft characteristics and uses. And fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters flying more flexible, it is six degrees of freedom, that is able to fly up and down all around, can hover. Helicopters taking off and landing places for the request are also very low, as long as there is a piece of flat land can take off and land. Sichuan earthquake disaster relief in the process of fully reflect the performance characteristics of the helicopter, so that our national leaders, aware of the helicopter in the national economy and national defense construction.

Many people do not know much about helicopters, Wenchuan after the earthquake and the General Armament Department of the Central Military Commission and President Hu's leadership on the development of the helicopter made important instructions, this is one aspect of the second, through the Wenchuan earthquake, many people recognize Our country's helicopter industry in the development of urgency, not only on economic construction, but also for our national defense construction which is very important. China, as a political and economic power, a lack of helicopters does not work, either on the economy or the building of international status or helicopters are of great significance. Third, we have been investigating the market, along with economic development, per capita gross national product to enhance a country's number of helicopters will be like when the car as a "blowout" growth.

A helicopter is the use of the shortcomings of the relative cost, relatively expensive, this also means that, it is necessary to use a large number of helicopters, the inevitable need for the development of the national economy to a certain stage can be, the United States and Russia and Western countries are doing, from our market research Look at China now has been basically a helicopter to a large area of the use of "blowout" stage. Now the world total of about 10,000 helicopter 3-4, in which the United States have on a country's 10,000, China's military helicopters will be only a few hundred planes, the less civil, less than 200, and the developed countries there are no small Gap, but at the same time the gap is that there is the potential for development, is expected to 10 years after 20 years, China's civilian helicopter owned there will be a big growth, then owned at least two to reach 3000.

Reporter: What do you think the helicopter on the most critical design and technologies, our country's level of?

General Yang: This is what I understand, whether military or civilian helicopters, the most critical security technology and design, the people on the plane for security is the threshold to enter the market, permit. Direct co-operation in Europe and in the past, what we have is safety, security and how to embody the design, is not very clear, but also how to verify the safety of the helicopter is not a lot of experience. Through international cooperation, and we have more. From the key technology, we have been co-operation in Europe and the largest gain, the study is the safety of the design, analysis and verification. Only to meet the security requirements in order to enter the international market, if not satisfied with such a request, the West is not allowed to sell you, of course, Third World countries may be different.

In addition, we also understand that the Western countries of the aircraft's overall design concept of co-operation from the secondary to the quality control and management experience, experience not only for helicopters, fixed-wing aircraft as well as the design of China's aviation industry as a whole, as well as other civilian vehicle Industry has reference. I have to go to college, the teacher said, "Aviation is a level of the industrialized countries of the mirror" and say the reason is because the aviation product research and development involves a large number of areas, such as materials, technology, electronics, machinery and so on, the aviation industry's output value Maybe not, or software and automotive, aviation products, but the skill level is actually a manifestation of the level of industrial countries, only related to every aspect of doing a good job, and aviation products will be competitive in order to progress. On the other hand, if there is progress in aviation products, and also to prove that the overall level of industrial countries have to improve.

If we can one day China developed the A380, Boeing 747 aircraft this big, it's our innovation capability and will be able to rival the United States, we are an industrial power, then our government officials visited the United States, perhaps On the can with the President of the United States with the same confidence to speak up. The aviation industry not only reflect the level of a country's level of industrial development, but also reflect a country's level of organization and management, but also a national system to verify whether or not superior.

Reporter: What do you think the future development of a helicopter in the world what kind of trends?

Yang total: from the general trend, safe, economical, durable and easy to use these requirements as the purpose of the Olympic "higher, faster, stronger", the helicopter will always be the subject of development, can be described as a Endless pursuit of safety, the core of the problem is the airworthiness requirements of the airworthiness requirements of the civilian helicopter was updated quickly, in these conditions, our security will require more and more from the comfort The sexual request, the vibration and noise levels should be reduced, from the economic point of view, the pursuit of more and more low fuel consumption, more easily maintained.

Reporter: As the Wenchuan earthquake, the future of our country's helicopter industry should increase investment, mean that the better performance of the helicopter can be developed faster?

Yang total: simple in the helicopter functions to meet the requirements or be able to do, but durable and easy to use and safe, by the skill level of our country, there are a certain degree of difficulty. For example, the engine, the maximum temperature of more than 1,000 hours of work, there are a minimum 89 degrees, in these conditions to the work of 20,000 hours, but no fault to current industrial base in China is still a relatively big gap. With regard to this, I just point of view: to raise the level of aviation industry, as well as the design and manufacture of technology and other materials should be boosted, and none can be, the state has sufficient input, there is a reasonable system, step by step in order to catch up. Development of the aviation industry and some like football, playing football was not light enough money, if there is no effective mechanism, which is still no way to create success in the game, and the aviation industry as there is no good mechanism, and will not be able to reach people (well-developed Countries) the same level.

Reporter: From here you learn to understand a lot of knowledge on the helicopter, thank you very much for our interview!

General Yang: You're welcome.

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