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WS10 Taihang.

Stealth bombers have been the maiden flight of 8 10 months ago released the evening of October 31 for the first time openly carrying Fenghuangtai new stealth cruise missiles capable of striking North America

The first bombing of the Chinese-made 8 stealth strategic bombers, yesterday Fenghuangtai "video military observation room" for the first time publicly. Taken from the Phoenix TV
Xinhua Beijing, China on the 1st section 8 bombing of a self-made stealth strategic bombers, yesterday Fenghuangtai "video military observation room" for the first time publicly. According to Phoenix TV reported on January 5 this year, a key model aircraft into the sky, it is the bombing of stealth strategic bombers 8. The head of the Central Military Commission, the head of the Armament Department of the Air Force, Defense and other leaders, Vice Mayor of Xi'an, Shaanxi Provincial Committee, deputy secretary of the other leading to a flight, the head of the Group and other units, with the participation of hundreds of researchers XAC witnessed this historical moment.

H-8 in the late 80 H 7 Feibao classified focus after the first models of strategic bombers, is also the first stealth aircraft. Reported that in 1994 officially approved the development, given its central target of the United States as close as possible to B-2A;载弹量no less than 18 tons; necessary penetration supersonic Mach 1.2, or escape; bring new stealth cruise missiles capable of striking North America; voyage of not less than 10,000 kilometers; with air refueling capability; the use of domestically produced the most advanced avionics equipment and so on. 603 design tasks from the West to fly the company responsible for production, to become the first Chinese-made strategic bombers.

It is reported that high-tech H-8, a large number of applications such as wing-body integration, wire flight control, airframe surface, before and after the trailing edge flap, large-scale integration of the wing fuel tank, a large area of carbon fiber composites, carbon-carbon brakes, built-in rotary arms Pylon, terrain matching tracking radar, digital map, complex navigation systems, satellite data link, a new advanced radar absorbing stealth nano-coating, etc. the list goes on. H-8 could fly up recently, thanks to four of the last shape Taihang turbofan engine, is also the F-10A Taihang and the heart of F-11B. Fighting and bombers that share the same engine family has long been the benefits of the U.S. military confirmed that H-8 to give the furthest range of the Chinese aircraft, amounting to more than 11,000 km. 12 Red Bird 3 missiles are located in six two pylons on rotating arms, each carrying a nuclear warhead to a range of 3,000 km, able to mine stone with 6 satellite-guided bombs and anti-ship missiles and other weapons.

隱形轟8 已首飛 10個月前騰空 10月31日晚鳳凰台首度公開 攜帶新型隱形巡航導彈能攻擊北美
【本報北京一日電】中國第一種自製轟炸8型隱形戰略轟炸機,昨天鳳凰台《軍情觀察室視頻》首度 公開。 據鳳凰台報導,今年1月5日,某重點型號飛機騰空而起,它就是轟炸8型隱形戰略轟炸機。中央軍委首長、空軍 裝備部首長、國防科工委等領導,西安副市長、陜西省委副書記等領導,一航、二集團等單位負責人,與幾百名西 飛參與研究人員共同見證此歷史時刻。
轟8是在八○年代末轟7飛豹首飛後列為機密重點型號的戰略轟炸機,也是中國第一種隱形飛機。報導說,199 4年正式立項研製,中央賦予其指標是儘量接近美國B-2A;載彈量不低於18噸;必要時可以1.2馬赫超音速突防或逃逸; 攜帶新型隱形巡航導彈能攻擊北美;航程不少於一萬公里;具備空中加油能力;採用國產最先進航電設備等等。任 務由603所設計,西飛公司負責生產,成為第一種國產戰略轟炸機。
據報導,轟8大量應用高新技術如翼身融合、電傳飛控、曲面機身、前後緣襟翼、機翼大型一體化油箱、大面積碳 纖維複合材料、碳碳剎車、內置旋轉式武器掛架、地形匹配跟蹤雷達、數字地圖、複合導航系統、衛星數據鏈、全 新先進吸波隱形納米塗料等等不勝枚舉。轟8最近能飛起來,得益於四台去年定型的太行渦扇發動機,太行也是殲 10A和殲11B的心臟。這種戰鬥和轟炸機共用同族發動機的好處早已被美軍證實,能賦予轟8中國飛機最遠的 航程,達1萬1000多公里。12枚紅鳥3巡航導彈分佈在兩個六枚旋轉武器掛架上,每枚可攜核 彈頭,射程 3000公里,亦能帶雷石6等衛星制導炸彈和反艦導彈等武器。

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