Saturday, May 30, 2009

Confidence in a firm commitment

坚定发展信心决心 推进研究所又好又快发展
开展深入学习实践科学发展观活动,是我们当前面临的最大政治任务。我们要始终不渝地把发展作为第一要义,以创新的精神谋划发展,以创新的举措推动发展,以创新的超越检验发展,为实现研究所又好又快发展不懈奋斗。倾力推进集团战略执行——科学发展的行动纲领。加大对集团战略的深入学习、深化实施,用集团战略统一思想,形成共识,在全所形成聚焦战略谋发展的新高潮。要始终不渝地推进战略执行,使全体党员干部职工以战略为行动指南,以“敬业诚信,创新超越”的实际行动,践行科学发展观和集团战略。倾力实现六大拓展——科学发展的战略支撑。按照集团发展战略的要求,进一步完善我们所的发展战略,要在空海军装备、国际贸易市场、民用飞机等六大领域实现新拓展, 以“四个统一”(战技指标与成本控制统一,军机研发与服务保障统一,型号研制与预先研究统一,军机研发与民机研发统一)确保统筹发展,带动研究所走上技术引领、管理协同、文化支持的发展新路。倾力完成重点型号研制任务——科学发展的核心命脉。今年重点型号研制呈现高度交叉、难度加大、强度超高、进度加速的特点,我们把开展学习实践活动同“保首飞保节点” 相结合。领导干部深入一线,靠前指挥,强化执行,重点协调好技术创新和成熟技术应用的关系,协调好研制进度和研制质量的关系,统筹安排好各型号项目的时间节点,根据各型号项目不同阶段的特点和重点,抓住时机集中精力展开攻坚会战,强化知识工程建设,加快数据库的推广应用,推进型号研制工作又好又快地全面铺开。倾力打造优秀的人才队伍——科学发展的智力保障。按照“专业评价、梯队建设、政策支持”的三位一体人才资源战略,切实加强人才队伍建设,构建研究所人才资源高地。到2017年,培养造就一支规模适当、结构合理、层次搭配、效能突出的的航空技术、管理人才梯队。
(赵民 中航工业沈阳所所长 褚晓文 中航工业沈阳所党委书记)

Confidence in a firm commitment to advancing the development of fast and good development of the Institute Conduct in-depth study and practice the scientific concept of development activities, we currently face is the biggest political task. We must always take development as the first prerequisite in order to plan the development of the spirit of innovation to promote the development of innovative initiatives to go beyond the testing of innovative development, to achieve fast and good development of the Institute of unremitting struggle. Effort to promote the implementation of group strategy - the scientific development of the Program of Action. Group strategy to increase the depth of learning, and deepen the implementation of group strategy with a unified ideology, a consensus formed in the whole focus of the new development strategy for the climax. We must unswervingly to promote the strategic execution, so that all the party members and cadres and workers a strategic guide to action, with "professional integrity, innovation and beyond" the actual action, practice the scientific concept of development strategy and groups. Effort to achieve the six development - scientific development of the strategic support. Development strategies in accordance with the requirements of the Group, to further improve our development strategy, naval and air equipment to the international trade market, the field of civil aircraft such as the realization of the six new expansion to the "four unity" (combat skills and cost control targets unity, the protection of military R & D and service uniform, model development and advance research unification, military aircraft and civil aircraft research and development R & D unification) to ensure that the co-ordinating the development of technology-led path to lead the Institute, management, coordination, and cultural support for the development of new roads. Model development effort focused on the task to complete - the lifeblood of the scientific development of the core. Focus on the development of this model showed a high degree of cross-cutting, more difficult, ultra-high intensity, the characteristics of accelerated progress, we have carried out activities to study and practice the "security first security node" combination. Leading cadres should go deep into first-line, high command, to strengthen the implementation, focusing on technological innovation and to coordinate the application of a mature relationship, and coordinate the development of the progress and quality of the relationship between the development of co-ordinate the arrangements for the time the Model project node, according to the models at different stages of the project characteristics and the focus started to seize the opportunity to concentrate on battle poverty, strengthen the construction of knowledge to accelerate the popularization and application of the database, and promote the development of good models to fully roll out fast. Tries their best to build the ranks of the best people - the scientific development of intellectual protection. In accordance with the "professional evaluation, team building, policy support" three-in-one human resources strategy, and effectively strengthen the development of qualified personnel, human resources Heights Construction Institute. By 2017, bring up a scale appropriate, reasonable structure, level with, the performance of prominent aviation technology, management echelon personnel. (China Aviation Industry Zhao Min, director of the Shenyang Air褚晓paper industry in Shenyang, party secretary)

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