Friday, August 28, 2009

Chinese Aircraft Carriers

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Introduction of senior professionals:
Xue-Qing Zhang graduated from Chongqing University 65 years, the CPC members, senior engineer.
Participated in 10,000 tons of multi-die forging hydraulic press, 6,000 tons of free forging hydraulic press, 100 tons. M no anvil hammer design.
Is responsible for 15,000 tons of forging hydraulic press, 3-ton free forging hammer, 65000 tons to the forging hydraulic press, 400 tons of twist drill hydraulic extrusion press, 70X4000 three roller coiling machine, "858" device (aircraft carrier catapult), and man-made crystal Fu River and other high-pressure equipment design.
Has engaged in similar acts forging equipment, chemical container strength calculations. 65,000 tons of major projects in which state-level multi-die forging presses, "858" device, was awarded first prize in two re-plant level. Author of "65,000 tons multi-die forging hydraulic press design and experimental study" a book. Won the two re-plant "top-notch talent," the title.

Yao Shi-jie 63, graduated from Chongqing University, CPC members, senior engineer.
Is responsible for national issues, "liquid hammer" technology development work on the subject by the Sichuan Science and Technology Commission and acceptance, has become the basis of two heavy pieces of the Institute of the leading products. Baosteel 28 is responsible for surveying and mapping project design work for the localization of imported equipment, spare parts to make a contribution. Responsible for "oiling-free key connection" issues, was invited to Taiyuan Iron & Steel Society of Mechanical Engineers for research papers, guided 20 roller mill precision keyless connected dismantling, installation work. Kunming Iron and Steel Rolling Mill Plant is responsible for the pavilion 400 strip rolling mill design work, by a user high praise and praise. "Liquid hammer" won two heavy mechanical and electrical equipment, science and technology prize for matching head, "30 tons of tension straightening machine design" and "Panzhihua Iron and Steel Mill 800/850 Rail Beam Design" have been two re-group scientific and technological progress third prize, "Development of ultra-high pressure hand pump" won Fourth Prize in Deyang City, scientific and technological progress. "Development of gas-liquid hammer technology" and "grease-free bond connectivity test summary" won two first-class essays were re-group. Many were re-group two outstanding scientific and technical workers, the title of a model Communist. Deyang Zhigongjixie has served as a member of new product development team captain, received the title of Sichuan Province Zhigongjixie advanced workers. Familiar with the medium and small rolling mill design, grease-free bond connection and gas-liquid hammer technology, performance has been input, "List of senior experts in Sichuan Province" and "China's Century experts" mechanical design system. Publications: "make every effort to engage in the development, relying on science and technology development", "liquid hammer work on the project summary" and "500 mill the profile and direction" and so on.

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