Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Northern sea Fleet and Eastern Sea Fleet threat

July.08 (China Defense Mash up Reporting by Johnathan Weng) — According to Japan Asagumo News, which is an official media of Japan Self-defense Forces, 5 warships of Chinese Navy Northern sea Fleet and Eastern Sea Fleet appeared around Japan Ogasawara Group Islands on AM 6:00 June 25th. One JMSDF destroyer in that area made an eye-contact with these Chinese Navy ships and reported the information.

The Chinese warship group was consisted by DDG-116 “Shijiazhuang” (Type 051C class), FFG-527 “luoyang” (Type 053H3 class), FFG-528 “Mianyang” (Type 053H3 class), 881 “Hongzehu” Replenishment Ship and Beice-721 Reconnaissance Ship.

JSDF said that these 5 ships had set up from east sea toward to pacific ocean. On 22nd June, this marine group arrived the international sea area which is on the north-east direction and has 260 km distance to Ogasawara Village. Chinese navy fleet even made ship-borne helicopter anti-submarine drill from Type 053H3 class frigates.

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