Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Chinese aircraft carrier threat

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China to test the engine out refurbishment of aircraft carrier
Chinese navy has just concluded a military parade, the Chinese aircraft carrier to create reports on the occasion of the ascendant, Dalian people found the day before yesterday, the Chinese military to buy the former Soviet Union, in Dalian to Hong Kong for many years used the refurbishment of aircraft carrier "W Grid No. Liang", the day before leaving the port to the sea. Military analysts pointed out that the ship may be out to test the engine, and to determine the construction of the Chinese aircraft carrier could be rather than Shanghai, Dalian.

No. W-liang grid system the heart of Dalian
"No. watt grid-liang," the sea has become a major military forum Mainland hot topic, users have posted photos of the aircraft carrier at sea. Macau Huang refers to military analysts, the vessel is likely to be testing out the engine, its installation is produced in the steam turbine Dalian.
Huang also pointed to China's national conditions, to create an aircraft carrier is a national project, which will never advertised in advance, so the media speculation recently built aircraft carrier in Shanghai may not be accurate. "Theoretically, it should be built in Dalian. The reason is simple, because the heart of the aircraft carrier is produced in Dalian."
W Liang is the lattice construction of the former Soviet Union aircraft carrier, the main body in 1988 completed the installation of weapons and equipment that have not yet met the Soviet Union, was the background of the Chinese military company "for a casino in Macau by sea" under the pretext of buying, after hardships in 2002 Dalian back in March, and carry out rectification transformation. Refers to the Western media, in its capacity as the Chinese military will be training. However, the end of last year the People's Liberation Army, Major General Zhang has publicly said that the vessel "would be China's first aircraft carrier."
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